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20+ Years experience

A Linux technician with over 20 years of experience in Infrastructure, Provisioning and Automation.
As Google would say, a real Site Reliability Engineer :)


Involved in various - in house - IT projects.


  • Atlassian product
  • CIS, openSCAP
  • CMDB
  • Red Hat Server
  • Red Hat Ansible (+Tower)
  • Red Hat Satellite (+Foreman)
  • Backup and Monitoring apps
  • Identity management
  • .. much much more ..


Solution driven, assisting co-workers where needed but always with automation in mind.


The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.

-- Bertrand Russell.

Im all about saving time, getting a grip on all systems. Ensuring the environment becomes more visible. Monitored. Managed with a configuration management system like Ansible. Shadow-IT removed and no longer needed.

With the experience of delivering and end-to-end provisioning of servers and network equipment world-wide. Maintaining hundreds of Linux servers and keeping a tight grip on all of them, ensuring a high performing smooth operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, i'm Red Hat RHCSA (5,7), Red Hat Ansible 2.3 & Red Hat RHCE (7,8) with Ansible 2.8 certified. And have more certifications not listed here. Not afraid to touch "code", a language doesnt matter, I live by the principal that you can learn - the basics of - any language in under 6 hours.
I'm a technician. Problem solving, solution thinking is a pre for me. There is nothing more awesome than to solve an issue and gain great times. There are many issues that can be solved by just having that automation mentality.
The best tip to give you is to look around and see where your employees are taking time. Some actions are just tedious and repetitive and often more than not, they continue working this way rather than tell you it takes too much time and can most likely be automated. In the end automation will make you and your employees happier and save you money as well.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Gentoo Linux